Jumat, 25 Juni 2010

HR & Payroll System

HR & Payroll System
  • Master Employee
  • Working Schedule
  • Time Attendence connect to absence machine
  • Subsidy and Discount
  • Basic Salary ( Rank File & Confidential Payroll)
  • Payroll Transaction
  • Tax Calculation
  • History Salary
  • Jamsostek
  • Astek
  • Payroll Data to Bank

Logistic System

Logistic System meliputi:

Modul Purchase Requisition
  • Department Purchase Request
  • Store Request
  • Daily Purchase Requisition Report
Modul Purchase Order
  • Issued Purchase Order based on Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase History by Item
  • Purchase History by Supplier
  • Purchase History by Brand
  • Last Item Price
Modul Store
  • Store Requisition
  • Issued Material Receive Note
  • Daily Stock Card
  • Daily Summary Store Stock
  • Store Inventory
  • Daily Receiving Report

Budgeting System

Budgeting System

  • Departement Budget
  • Budget Analys
  • Monthly Budget
  • Yearly Budget

General Ledger System

General Ledger System
meliputi :
  • Entry Journal
  • Posting Journal
  • Set Up Formula Report
  • Sub Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss
  • End & Month Closing

Account Receivable System

Account Receivable System
  • A/R Payment Allocation
  • A/R Adjustment
  • A/R Sub Ledger

  • Daily A/R Aging Report
  • A/R Invoice Outstanding with Aging
  • Daily Invoice City Ledger
  • A/R Control

Account Payable System

Account Payable System

  • Other Payable
  • A/P Adjustment
  • A/P Sub Ledger
  • A/P Aging Report

  • A/P Control

Cash and Bank System

Cash and Bank System meliputi:
  • A/R Payment Received
  • Other Payment Received
  • Issue Cheque / Bilyet Giro
  • Cancel Cheque / Bilyet Giro
  • Deposit To Bank
  • Bank Statement
  • Bank Reconciliation

Cash & Bank System ini terintegrasi dengan System Account Payable, Account Receivable dan General Ledger.

Kamis, 24 Juni 2010

Point Of Sales System

Point Of Sales System
  • Restaurant Point of Sales
  • Mini Bar Point of Sales
  • Room Service Point of Sales
  • Pool Side Point of Sales
  • Lounge Point of Sales
  • Business Centre Point of SalesBanquete Point of Sales
  • Spa & Fitness Point of Sales
  • Laundry Point of Sales
  • Telephone Point of Sales

Semua Point of Sales terintegrasi ke Guest Folio, Account Receivable dan General Ledger.

Front Office Cashier Modul

Front Office Cashier Modul
  • Guest Room Deposit
  • Paid Out
  • Room Reservation Deposit
  • Guest Folio Transfer to Other Folio
  • Guest Refund Deposit
  • Payment City Ledger
  • Room Contract Rate
  • Room Company Production

House Keeping Modul

House Keeping Modul
  • Change Room Status
  • Room Guest Supplies Control
  • Extra Bed Control

Reception Modul

Reception Modul
(Click pada gambar untuk memperbesar )
  • Room Check In berdasarkan hasil reservasi secara langsung
  • Daily Guest Due Arrival
  • Fasilitas Fast Room Check In
  • Guest In House
  • Group In House
  • Fasilitas Room Extend
  • Fasilitas Room Moving
  • Fasilitas Overwrite Room Rate
  • Hotel Competitive Report

Reservation Modul

Reservation Modul
Padal Modul Reservasi kami rancang dengan beberapa type, seperti:

1. Room Reservation, yang meliputi:
· Multy Room Type
· Multy Arrival Date
· Multy Departure Date
· Multy Company

2. Block Room.
3. Room Availability yang disertai dalam bentuk detailnya.
4. Daily Room Balance To Sell by room type.
5. Room Reservation Conformation Letter yang secara langsung tercetak.
6. Daily & Monthly Room Revenue & Room Occupancy Room.
7. Room Revenue Forecast
a. By Room Type
b. By Market Type